Just like people, the true function of a home is to live and breathe and evolve rather than just
exist. And, we are here to help you every step of the way in building your own beautiful
corner of the world.
What is it that transforms a house into a home?
Where does a simple room cease to exist and a holistic space begins to take shape?
What sets apart a great home décor from an ordinary one?
At Linen On Me, we strive to answer these questions and many more.
A home coming up together to reflect the personality of its inhabitants is an amazing process. And, we intend to make this undertaking worthwhile for you and for us. For, nothing gives us more happiness than to create products which will appeal to your sensibilities.
Nothing brings us more pride than a well-designed cozy space where you can forget all the noise and humdrum of life and just relax.
Your home should be more than just a well-maintained box. Of course, it must look good and feel good but it should be designed to go beyond just the aesthetics. Good design should account for unparalleled comfort.
Good design should be responsible and sustainable. Good design should never compromise on quality.

All of these factors are intrinsic parts of LOM’s DNA. 

  • All of our products are designed and produced in house with stringent quality checks.
  • We use materials which are all-natural and sustainably sourced.
  • We promote local crafts by integrating them into our design process.
  • We are eco-conscious at every step from production to packaging.

Linen on Me is stylish. It is smooth. It is unique. 

Our products are the perfect amalgamation of crafts developed over centuries and modern minimalistic design which is our hallmark. Our products are made to express more with less.
For some LOM is a quintessential choice. For others they may be an acquired taste. But we promise you that you will always be coming back for more and we shall always oblige.
That is how we keep up. Always evolving, always looking forward; towards new aesthetics, towards better technologies. We are our own biggest competitor and we count on you dear customers to keep us on our toes.