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Our services

If it doesn’t fit your needs, we will customize it for you.

One size does not fit all. Want your loungewear to be extra-large, or the pillow cover to be extra frilly? Call us, whatsapp or write us an email. Let us know and it shall be done.

As you like it
Customize our products to fit your aesthetics. Choose from a number of colors, fabrics and styles.
Size that fits
We are not limited by our size charts. If you require a bigger piece of sheet, you will get it.
Talk to us
We are great listeners. Just call us and share your vision with us. Let’s style your space together.
Elegant and luxury services
Fashion is part of our culture and it's about more than just a pretty dress design
Easy returns policy
At LOM, returns are rare! But still, our customer-friendly return policy makes things easier for you. Just in case.
Live Customer Support
We are there for you 24*7; be it customizing your order, hearing out your concerns or just making your package reach you faster.
Bulk Orders
We have our own production setup and we can step up and fulfill extra-large orders at a moment’s notice.