LOM LUXURY – 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


The ultimate secret to glossy hair, smoother skin and better sleep. With a classic zipper closure, this silk pillowcase is highly beneficial for the hair and skin. The moisture stays in your hair and prevents creasing and wrinkling on the face. It also has a beautifully smooth surface, keeping the hair shiny and silky. Enjoy the elegance of silk when you add this luxury bedding product to your collection. The sumptuous material ensures a good night’s sleep while the fine quality lasts for years to come.

Details –
Single pillowcase only.
Natural 100% Mulberry Silk.
Prevents split ends, anti-frizz and helps retain moisture
Skin-breathing and prevents sleep creases
Extends the life of your hairstyle / blow-out
Non-toxic dyes
Soft, smooth & light
Wash care : Hand wash is preferred, or machine wash on delicate/gentle cycle. If wrinkled, gently iron with a steamer on low heat.
Do NOT machine dry. If hand washing, gently wring the item then roll it up in a towel and lightly squeeze to remove excess water.
Note : No bleach! Even detergent with traces of bleach can destroy natural fibers and harm silk materials.

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18" x 28"




mulberry silk

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