LOM LUXURY – 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchie (set of 3)


Scrunchie Made out of soft silk satin and with firm elastic inside, all our scrunchies are made of real silk so they are sleek and gentle on damaged hair. Perfect for all hair types, they are gentle on hair and won’t cause breakage. The silky satin fabric is extra gentle on hair. It will keep your hair securely in a bun, ponytail, or any other hairdo. It can be wrapped around your hair at least two times depending on hair thickness. It is perfect for any occasion.  

Details :-
Set of three.
Comes with a firm elastic inside. 
Made from 100% silk. 
Perfect for all skin types. 
Wash Care : Hand wash is preferred, or machine wash on delicate/gentle cycle. If wrinkled, gently iron with a steamer on low heat.  
Do NOT machine dry. If hand washing, gently wring the item then roll it up in a towel and lightly squeeze to remove excess water. 
Note : No bleach! Even detergent with traces of bleach can destroy natural fibers and harm silk materials.

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