Linen On Me


From Rs. 599.00
Experience the fusion of style and convenience with our Grey Linen Placemat The soft linen fabric drapes gracefully, creating a refined look that requires minimal effort. Enhance the charm of your dining area with this understated yet impactful accessory that embodies simplicity at its finest.

•Quality Material: Made from premium linen, the place mat offers durability and a soft, graceful drape, contributing to a visually appealing table arrangement.
•Size Variety: Available in the perfect size, the place mat can accommodate different table dimensions, ensuring a tailored fit and a seamless look.
•Expert Craftsmanship: The place mat is meticulously crafted with well-finished edges, preventing fraying and adding to its overall polished appearance.
•Low Maintenance: Despite its upscale appearance, the linen place mat is easy to care for. It is easy to maintain and becomes even softer with each wash, allowing for effortless upkeep.

If it doesn’t fit your needs, we will customize it for you.

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